Raiz Creation Manifesto

Co-Living Models

Co-Living models where participants can live their potential.

Creating spaces that inspires individuals to the common good.

Ongoing process of rethinking, critical to optimise for more harmony and healthy community

Reconnect stronly to nature

Values: Openess, honesty , creative, inspiring, pioneering, visonary, educational, mutual respect, responsibility, supporting, mindful, awareness, harmony, greater good.


- Co-living in a likeminded community

- Being a dynamic concept, flexible, adaptable to change to future situations.

- Authentic, true self, nature, spaces

- Dedication to creation and co-creation

- Vivid and colourful. 

- Mix of permanent, semi-permanent and occasional inhabitants

-  'true' concept of luxury in sustainable architecture / design 

- Open 'think thank'

Co-living concepts for various situations, environments , values, interests.

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