Raiz Creation Projects

Tiny & Nature

Tiny & Nature is the pilot for Raiz Creation and based on the philosophy of Magical Places.


Safe, secure, nature, space, biophilic design


Self sustaining / option off-grid & autark / less resources

Privacy ánd community with clear definition of private and shared spaces

Managment company for general maintenance & rental

Food & health

Vegetable garden / sustainable farming & agriculture

Seasonality and environment in compliance

Shared kitchen and spaces for community activities & events

Health & spiritual facilities : herbsgarden , laboratory , treatmentroom


Arts, crafts, design, literature, healing, sports, farming, animals, cooking, permaculture, outdoor activities, embodiement & mindfulness, learning and development


Admission to check on shared / common values, interests, vision, mission, objectives.

Participation and belonging

Sharing and nurture knowledge

Personal growth and development

'you belong here' feeling

Membership and levels of commitment

  1. Founders vision and mission compliance and decision making
  2. Members active participants in community and event generators
  3. Guest will to participate actively or passively